Sunday morning 2:Window dressing


Window dressing according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is: [a] the act of decorating and arranging products to display in a store window; [b] something that is intended to make a person or thing seem better or more attractive but that does not have any real importance or effect.

What things in your life are there simply as window dressing?

What would the real you look like if all those crutches, those non-essentials, those pretensions, those falsehood were to all fall away?

Would people still like you, still want to be around you, be your friend? Or would they hardly recognise you and shun you?

Would you still like yourself?

Are you brave enough to make 2016 your year of authenticity?

Write and let me know how you are starting of this new year with you journey to your true self.



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