Sunday mornings

My first ‘Sunday mornings’ photography project

1st Sunday, 04 January.

Photo of my mini mini-library, filled with books I’ve collected in the past year. Some still waiting to be read [and a few I would happily get rid of]. I bought most of them from second-hand stores and some were handed down from relatives and friends.

What photography project are you taking up this year?



3 thoughts on “Sunday mornings

  1. A very nice composition!

    To answer your question ‘what photography project are you taking up this year’…

    In addition to my regular blogging activity, I am undertaking a ‘Project365’ in an effort to improve my photography (and also because I just love taking pictures). I am posting one photo a day to my Instagram account and plan to create a post at the end of each month to highlight a few favorites from the month.

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    1. Thank you, Lisa, for stopping by. Like you, I love taking pictures and am thinking up of more photography projects to do. I am very much looking forward to your monthly highlights in your blog. Have fun! 🙂

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