Thank you for a great year!

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Dear Fellow Bloggers,

Thank you to all of you who visited my blog and for your comments and encouragement during the past year!

Even though I did not post regularly as I would have liked [what with family, work and other of life’s many ‘moments’], you have always been right there and for that I am grateful.

My deep appreciation goes out to those of you who were kind enough to follow my blog. Thank you! Thank you from the depths of my struggling-blogger’s heart! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have learned that it is not always easy to express myself in writing, and to write in a language that is not my mother-tongue, well. This is why I am especially grateful to all of you for sharing your time, attention and experiences with me.

Thank you all for making 2015 a great year!

Here’s to a new year full of creativity, inspiration, deep joy and profound wellness!

Thank you,





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