The curl and curve of a leaf is a beautiful sight, especially in the early dawn when everything sparkles with dew drops. And when the sun slowly lights upon its surface and throws up the intricate patterns….I cannot help but gaze in wonder.

Some of my favourite quiet places online whose photography inspire different shades of wonder in me are Louise Whiting‘s Breathing Place, The Takeaways and The Interestings.

Do you have a favourite post or blog on nature or interesting and inspiring photography? Feel free to share it in the comment box below.


2 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. My blog is about sailing and nature and people and street art. But when I think of my number one favorite nature photo blog, I think of my friend Karen’s. I love how she is inspiring others to get out there and photograph through the On Your Doorstep project. http://www.thurmanovich.com/on-your-doorstep/ Mad I world traveler, I am convinced that some of the most beautiful images can be found right in your own backyard.

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    1. Bula Lisa! Thank for stopping by and for sharing your favourite blog. The trio at Thurmanovich Photography have a great thing going. I love their images and I hope there’s more to come in their OYD project. Vinaka!

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