My quiet place

This week my focus is on nature, and in particular, the nature in my backyard and I will be sharing my favourite black and white photos of some of the trees and plants that inhabit it.

Our backyard with our small garden and the river just beyond that, is one of my favourite places on earth. Through the years it has served as my quiet place, a place I escape to whenever I need a respite from all the busy-ness, a place of prayer. And most recently I have found it full of things that I find myself wanting to photograph. To capture them, the memories of them before they change and disappear in the turns of the season. Before I forget. Before I change.

I have often marvelled at all the beauty, the intricate patterns and the pull on my spirit each time I step out there. It is like slipping through a curtain, hiding myself away from the noise and pollution of the world and it is almost as if I am drawn forth, toward and into a warm embrace.

The sight of the decades old rain trees along the riverside never ceases to calm me, their branches filing up the sky and the empty places in my soul. The strength in the firm trunks and the sway of fragile branches in the slightest whisper of the breeze. The curve of a leaf and the earthy smell of the ground. And, oh, in the early mornings when it seems the whole world is covered in dew drops. Even the cries and calls of the birds only heighten the stillness.

Being there, breathing in the clean pure air, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, it all makes me wonder at the God who created it all. I wonder at how awesome He must be to create such beauty. And how thoughtful, to provide such places of peaceful rest.

Welcome to my quiet place.


What I was actually trying to do was photograph the birds that were taking off from the branches of this old rain tree but as usual they were too fast for me and my ‘point and shoot’ camera.


For some colourful images of nature and wildlife, Tom Gable has a good gallery on his site; check it out here.

If you have a favourite post or blog on nature or if you have a favourite quiet place that you’d like to share, feel free to post the link in the comment box below.


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