Loss and songs

Or maybe songs about loss. I’ve lost a few days of Writing 101 now due to illness so I have decided to go for a twist and combine the prompts from day 3 and 4 into one post.


I grew up listening to 80’s and early 90’s American and British pop songs blaring from almost every local radio station.

No wonder than that for a time there (when I was young and very impressionable) I thought that all those singers – like Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson and even a few rock bands – and the songs they sing had all the answers to life’s questions.

Those were the days that singers were simply entertainers and not the celebrities they are regarded today. That is my thinking anyway.

Some songs from those decades that I still like to listen to whenever they are played over the radio are, Madonna’s Frozen and This Used To Be My Playground.  They both remind me of childhood dreams and young love lost. Her You’ll See is an encouragement to rise from those ashes.

Those were simple days, a simpler time, I think, all lost now. Maybe I am just trying to hold on tight to my youth. Maybe I am looking for an escape from the now – the now I find myself in.

Maybe that is why now I am more inclined to hymns and songs  with a faith-filled message. One of these is Brooke Fraser‘s Shadowfeet. This song reminds me of the promise that He will return. A promise whose fulfillment every Bible-believing, faith-filled Christian looks forward to, clings to with every fibre of our being.

A promise that gives us hope to accept, forgive, even forget all that has passed and look forward, ever onward to the future.





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