I watched you as you stood there
with that now familiar look flashing
in your eyes. My heart beats ever faster
keeping in time with Yours; I shiver, tremble
as if I feel, I take every breath with you; waiting,
watching, anticipating your response to their goading,
their accusations and what is but silly posturing and
there was her.
Head bowed in shame, eyes clouded, shuttered away
in fear and trembling. How can you just stand there,
letting flow their venom? Couldn’t you see they
try to trap her? Trap you? But oh be still doubting
Heart; you knew. You always know. You’ve known since
before time began. On tiptoes i crane my neck to hear
you better to see what You’re writing in the sand;
you look up and oh what wonder such compassion
in your eyes for her.
For them! These pitiful shallow
Accusers. Why, they turn with shameful looks,
each one of them and leave. But your only words
were ‘to them without sin, cast the first stone’, and
yet they leave. I just stand there, watching,
Adoring You.


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