Challenged. Again.

Another blogging workshop. Blogging 201. Yay. Yeah, right. I barely managed to complete 101 (and those writing workshops I registered for but whatever…) and now I want to try 201.

But I really want to stick to it this time. This time. Hmm, yes, I have heard that before but this time…This time, I am really setting down my goals. Making them clear.

They are simple goals. I think. Drawing up an editorial calendar is the first on my must-do list – very important to know what to post when. I already started on one; an edcal, that is, and aiming to complete it by this weekend. See what I did there? Edcal. Pretty cool, huh?

In case you still haven’t got it, edcal is short for editorial calendar. Get it? Click here for a few examples and templates of edcals from Google Drive.

I am aiming to total a hundred followers this year. That’s 100 followers by 31st December 2015. To achieve that, I know I have to stay true to myself and share what I like, what I find interesting, what I believe in and to be more interested in people out there who are also on the same kind of journey I’m on.  And hopefully I will not just be gaining followers, but friends.

And my third goal? To improve my English and explore myself through writing. Okay, it’s a two-part goal and both vitally important..

To summarise:

1. Draw up a workable editorial calendar by Sunday, 08 February 2015.

2. Gain 100 followers/new online friends by 31 December 2015.

3. Clarify my thoughts, interests, goals and beliefs through my blogging and writing and improve my use of the English language.

Happy blogging 🙂


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