This is now

I am here. I am here now. Amazing.

I cannot help but wonder how far my family has come. How far I have come. How long it has been since my last post.

A new year already.

So I did not keep to a regular post schedule. That’s okay. It was more important to me to keep to a regular prayer and Bible reading schedule. And to be wholly there with and for my family.

My grandmother is okay. That lung cancer? A mis-diagnosis.

After more than a week of testing – a week after they sent her home, telling us to bring her home so that she can be with her family and we just take care of her until, well, until she passes away from the so called lung cancer – they called and arranged for her to be taken back to hospital saying that they’ve seen her blood work and she has TB.

It has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride for us.

A sad Christmas because my grandmother was in hospital (and my mother had to be there with her to look after her). The first Christmas we’ve ever spent apart.

New Year’s Eve was beautiful. We were all together again. And we are all still together now.

But sadly, some of our close families suffered the loss of loved ones. It’s too early. Too early in the year to suffer sadness. Such sadness.

But then, His time is not ours. He knows all. And for me that is enough.




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