When I first saw this, this dried up mango leaf, stuck on this old mattress spring, I thought it would make an interesting photo.  Simple.

But now, it seems poignant somehow.  Now, when I look at this picture, it reminds me of life. Our lives and of those around us. Of how we can all get stuck in a situation, a circumstance, a place. Somewhere foreign, unfamiliar, unnatural.

We have somehow fallen far from the tree, from our home, from our place in the world and we get coiled up in everyday struggles, everyday life. Sad. Unfulfilled.

Instead of gliding softly, gracefully onto the ground and enriching the earth with our substance, our gifts, our talents, we are caught in that one place for seemingly forever. Fated to dry up before our time.

Am I melancholy? Yes, maybe I am. Or maybe I am simply dismayed and baffled by the lives – caught and wound up – that I see around me.

What is this life to them? What meaning, what beliefs if any, what values, do they hold to it?

What about you? What comes to your mind when you see this picture?


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