Thank you, kind stranger!

“Turn left just ahead there and keep walking until you come to a big board”, he said. “The board shows the map of the immediate area and there you will see your hotel and you can see which lanes to take next to get to it”

Kind words from a stranger on a dimly lit Sydney street.

Oh, the prayers I’d groaned out when I was wandering around trying to get my bearings. Never have I pleaded (and bargained) with the Lord like I did that night.

I promise Father that I will always be good and kind if you could just please, please, help me find my way back to my hotel. Please I don’t want to be lost. I don’t want to die!

This was four years ago, when I was on a business trip to Sydney. I was out enjoying an evening walk and somehow, somewhere I had taken the wrong turn and I was lost.

Panicking, I stumbled around trying to remember the names of the roads I’d passed. The city map I held in my now stiffly cold hands was all Greek to me.

But, Blessed Lord, a kind stranger stopped to help. I don’t know who spoke first but suddenly he was pointing behind me and he was giving me directions.

All it took was a few short turns and I was back in my hotel, safe and sound.

Thank you, to all of you, kind people everywhere, who have stopped and given directions to a lost stranger.


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