It was awful, like being stranded on a patch of rocky ground with the Kalahari on one side of me, and the Arctic wasteland on the other.

No matter where I turned, all I could see was miles and miles of, well, nothing.

Words chased each other around my mind at the speed of blinding light, but before they could be formed and molded into coherent thoughts and ideas, they fizzled out and evaporated. Images wavered, shimmered and shattered into smithereens.

It lasted ten years. Ten dry, cold, years. Yes, that was the longest writer’s block I ever had. In fact, I didn’t know the ‘condition’ was called that until I read about it in a writing article online.

And that was how I broke out of it. By recognizing it for what it was and by reading as many articles, books, thoughts, quotes, anything, on writing that I could get my hands on. I read about other writers, other would-be writers, about creativity, about art in general, and memoirs.

I found and used other ways and means to express myself creatively, taking up photography and sketching. I journaled, I doodled, even trying out morning pages (something I still do to this day) and most days I would just be spontaneous and do nothing at all. All these, together, helped me I slowly built up my writing muscles.

My best advice would be to read, read and read. Not necessarily on writing, but read any works of fiction and non-fiction that catches your eye. Read outside your usual genre. Listen to music and dance to it. Splash paint at a wall or jump in a puddle of mud. Do something, anything you enjoy (or used to enjoy when you were a child) to take your mind off trying to coerce words to your liking.

Engaging yourself in other (creative or even downright dull and boring) activities will force your mind to focus on your present so that when you return to your writing, you are renewed, refreshed and refilled with new creative ideas.

Happy writing!



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