It’s not just one thing, it’s….

Oh, how spontaneous

you are;

Seemingly flawless,

your prose.


Look at how

you write;

Your words,

they flow,


Onto the page,

into my mind;

They take breathe,

come alive.


Oh, how I

envy you,

your clear grasp

of life.


Skills, you have,

talents galore;

Creative, artistic,

so much more,


You enjoy,

such freedom,

from barriers,

you soar.


Oh, while I,

with trembling

hands, and,

muted lips,


I wax and

wane, stumbling

about as on

rotted stills.


2 thoughts on “It’s not just one thing, it’s….

    1. True, I do long for my ‘voice’ and my writing to flow. Maybe it’s because English is not my mother tongue and I get, well, tongue-tied (pardon the pun) and stilted in my writing.


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