AAARGH!! What have I done?!!

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This post was written after (barely) 3 hours sleep, taken after a failed attempt to time down slow. Or is that down slow time? Slow time down? Slow down time? Anyhoo, the writing may or may not resemble grammatically correct English.


I’ve really gone and done it this time. Put my foot, eyeballs and everything else in it.

Signed up for not one – no, that would have been too easy; no, not even two, uh-uh, that wasn’t enough – but three events this November!

AAARGH! I’m officially in the soup!

Soup. Yum, potatoes!

Focus. Focus. I need to focus.

Yes, and I need to slow time down. Or slow down time. Yessir, that’s what I need to slow. Time and down.

Slow down time. Slow time down. Makes sense, right? I’m glad you agree because for a minute there I thought I was rambling. You know, off-with-the-fairies sort of thing.

Fairies. Oh, such cute little creatures. Here Tinky, Tinky, Tinky.

F-O-C-U-S!! F-O-C-U-S!!

Okay, okay, stop that screaming, goodness. Oh, heh, that was me. Ahem, I totally meant to do that.

Where was I? Oh, yes, the three events.

Three Big Ones:

  1. The blogging thingy they call ‘NaBloPoMo’.

Do I have that right? You’re sure it’s not ‘BaBloProMo’, as in ‘Baby Bloomers Promotional Month?’

  1. The novelling thingy they call ‘NaNoWriMo’.

Hmm, NaNo? No doubt something to do with Nano technology.

  1. The other blogging thingy they call ‘Blogging 101’.

Hey, that’s like that TV series, ‘Jake 101’. Cool, they’re gonna teach us how to get superpowers just like that Jake-what’s-his-name!

All that; this November. AAARGH! AAARGH!

Alright, alright. Wipe that smirk of your face, you acclaimed-expert-ultra-organised-blogger-internationally-best-selling-novelist, you!

I know participating in these events is a sashay in the park to you, slurping your soup baby bloomer style, while you soak in all that Nano technology with Tinkerbelle, increasing your powers like super-Jake.

Yes, your suspicion is correct. I hardly know where to start.

But it’s all happening right in November.

November? Wait, isn’t it November already?



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