It captivates, thrills and invites.

Maybe I’m over-romanticising this.
Maybe I just like flowery language.  
But if you were to ask me how I feel about photography, I would say that it captivates me.
It thrills me.
It invites me into another world.
A happy shopper, Nadi Town (Taken Sun. 16/03/14)
Go on captivate me.
Photography draws me.
Captivates me.
Dares me even, to go deeper.
To not just live on the surface, but to really be in my environment, to really see the people who populate my village, my town and experience a little of their life.  
I am still.
I observe them and when I press the shutter and capture them, their moment, their slice-of-life.
I am become, somehow, in some small way, a part of their experience.
And they become mine. 
Curious. A child peeks through the tin wall of a local garage, Nakavu village, Nadi. (Taken Sun. 16/03/14)
Thrill me
 There is life in every moment. And each moment thrills me in its own way.
I am not trying to say here that there are all happy, enjoyable moments but thrill in a sense that each moment teaches me something.
Teaches me a little bit more about humanity. About what it is like to be a person. An individual. Teaches me about photography itself. Art. Colours.
I can definitely say that I am now a little more aware of other people. Other lives, in a way I have never had before.
I sometimes photograph objects, food, pets and the occasional landscape but people remain my favourite subjects.
Relaxing at Nadi’ Handicraft Centre (Taken Sat. 22/03/14)
Invite me in
I have often found myself wondering about the people who have crossed paths with me. Faces, souls, whom I have been opportune enough to photograph.
I have often wondered about their other selves. Their real selves?
What they are like when they are away from here. From me. From my camera.
Are they the same shy, relaxed, smiling people? Maybe, maybe not.
Photography invites a sense of wonder.
It causes me to feel.
To think.
To venture into how people and things relate and react to each other and to their surroundings.
Simple enough and yet……….  Still, an invitation I gladly take up time and time again.
New stock? At first I thought it was a life-sized doll but then she moved and I realised that it was a little girl; she was the shop owners’ daughter who sought out the ‘comfort’ of this carton full of sponges to sleep in. Cheung’s Gift Shop, Nadi Town (Taken Sat. 15/03/14)
I would love to hear about your experiences in photography. Drop me a line.



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