Nice to Meet You Again!

Yes, indeed, it is good to be back after a long hiatus. 

What with work, family and well, life in general, I have not have had any chance or enough time to compose a decent post. 

I have found though that one needs to be intentional about it, schedule it, make a date with yourself and your computer and at least start with a draft and go on from there.

Another warm and sunny day here in Nadi. As usual. Afternoon showers are expected and I for one am looking forward to that. I don’t know why some people complain when it rains here; it’s like it is not supposed to rain in Nadi at all. They don’t know that we welcome the rain; after a long sunny day, the rain cools everything and everyone down, otherwise we will not be able to sleep at night from the sweltering heat. 

I don’t have any photos of sunny blue skies to share but here are a few photos I took (plus one I didn’t) last Saturday at Nadi Town.

A young family enjoy a cool snack at one of the many cafes in Nadi Town

This reminded me so much of when I was young(er) and my nene (mother in Nadi dialect) used to treat us kids to a trip to town. The young mum was pretty cool and calm about me taking their picture. 

Bula gang! Two friends meet again

The older gentleman works as a security guard at the cafe. He was doing his rounds when he bumped into his friend.

One of my sisters, Bonzie, and I bought ice-cream for our own cool-down treat from the same cafe which provided me the opportunity to take these photos. 

In the shade. A young shopper seeks out the comfort of a bench at the Nadi Town Council Arcade

No, he’s not on special. A young, bored and tired shopper takes a breather at Taj Supermarket

Outdoor market, Nadi Town

Just to proof that I do not shoot predominantly in black and white, I am including this market scene I shot in colour. There are some scenes, I think, like this one which looks better in (other) colour than in black and white.

Too cute!

This young boy’s parents were busy shopping but he had eyes only for the ice-cream cart. This picture was taken by my younger sister, Bonzie, who graciously allowed me to share it. She loves colour.

Until next time, it was nice to meet you again!


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