When writing your memoir

Leave your last line unwritten,
Invisible. Fly; free yourself;
Feel the ground shift. Stand,
Establish the truth of you.

Stake something, everything, in the telling.
Till, unearth, cultivate. Let your
Outflow, overflow. Encompass all.
Relentlessly unremember regrets. Know,
You were here.



Paris encounter

Amble enchanting backstreets,
slinking alleys,
steep staircases.
pretty little parks, and
squares, charm.

It’s a wonderful place.

transports you
over panoramas
spiraling down,

Navigate labyrinthine
hearts; veritable
treasure trove of

endless corridors.


(Found poetry – words from Lonely Planet Paris Encounter 2007)

Cimetière of tradition

Pay homage to the departed

A collection of villages, this
hectare of cobbled lanes,
elaborate tombs, the size
of small houses.

Long-standing tradition –
resting place.

A code of conduct
for homages, to the
noteworthy graves:
This stately quarter doesn’t rock after dark.

(but night owls will find plenty of options nearby)


(Found poetry – Words from Lonely Planet, Paris Encounter, May 2007)